1 week ago at 5:54 PM
I wish I could bring Stitch with me to La Jolla.
shesakillla said: Thank you for serving our country, sailor 😊
I replied:

Pleasure is mine!

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3 weeks ago at 5:15 PM
Just got done taking my oath and swearing into my San Diego NROTC Unit. Midshipman 4/C Rayford, prepared to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Let the path of being a Naval Officer in four short years begin.
#NROTC #SanDiego #UCSanDiego #GoNavy #Midshipman
⚓️🚢🇺🇸✋💙🌊 (at University of San Diego)
1 month ago at 4:50 PM
#tbt Big bro with his Guadalupe having ass shirt and me with my blonde locks.
1 month ago at 8:36 AM
Self-sufficiency at its finest, yo.
1 month ago at 9:16 PM
Ran into a little inspiration on my run that, believe it or not, actually made me smile.
1 month ago at 8:03 PM
'Twas a nice run.
2 months ago at 5:51 PM
Missed these ladies.
2 months ago at 1:20 PM
The best coast.
2 months ago at 10:03 PM
Koala and Bear on a mission to get more food.
🐨🐻💪😛🍔🍕🍦💯 (at Pismo Beach State Park)
2 months ago at 12:42 PM
Let’s get lost.
🍃🚶🌗 (at Montaña de Oro State Park)
2 months ago at 4:01 PM
🏄🌞🙌⚓️ (at Pismo State Beach Campground)
2 months ago at 1:50 PM
Happy Birthday to my amazing mother. You always push me to better myself and have taught me to only accept the best in life. You always bug me about keeping my room clean and I know you’ll keep tabs on me with my dorm in college haha. You’re the real queen of this world and I promise to make you proud one day. I love you, short stuff.
2 months ago at 5:53 PM
Spotted: The Boy In The Striped Pajamas at Dinosaur Caves
🗿🌊⛅️👀 (at Dinosaur Caves Park)
3 months ago at 7:47 PM
Because I’m having withdrawals.